WorkPLace management

The New Worker provides everything that is need to manage all workspaces in your building. Show availability, manage the flow of people, or collect data to optimize your office. Contact us for more information.

Acces Control

  • Provide mobile access through Bluetooth or NFC

  • No more keys/tags/badges

  • For any type of hardware without changing your IT infrastructure. 100% secure

  • Cloud based access control system

  • Manage access over multiple tenants/buildings

Meeting Room Reservation

  • Reserve meeting rooms in the app

  • Show the agenda at the meeting room

  • Provide secure access upon reservation

  • Show live availability in the app (tracking)

Workplace Reservation

  • Reserve specific workplaces in the app

  • Map desk occupancy (tracking)

  • Find your collegue feature


  • Occupancy mapping

  • Collect data on facility usage

  • Optimize work efficiency

  • Save on real estate and facility expenditure