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for the new worker

As a professional you always balance between, well, everything. Everything happens at the same time. You don't want to waste your time. If you need to get things done, you need your environment to facilitate you. To meet, to focus, to inspire, or to be inspired.

Have a meeting planned? Why not meet half-way between you and your coworker? That saves time. Noisy neighbor? Or lacking the space for a proper work setup? Working from home is not always ideal. Reserve a separate room to focus on your work. Or feeling a bit tired? Book a co-work space to gain new energy from co-workers. Changing your environment leads to new inspiration and energy to excel at your job.

By joining The New Worker you can work with purpose. Anywhere, anytime, and just for who long you need it.

for top employers

As a top employer you want your employees to have access to the work space they need at any time. You can sign them all up!

But, in order for our community to grow, we ask you to offer flexible work spaces and meeting rooms to the other members of our community too and become a host. In this way we create an ecosystem for the new worker. You can generate revenue from your real estate. We take care of the security.

Have some space left? Add it to the platform. Need the space back? Just take if off again. This is the most flexible way to manage your real estate and maximize value. And not just monetarily. Your employees will appreciate the benefits of working for you; retention and productivity will increase. Please contact us to discuss all benefits and possibilities.

Get the app

The app is all you need to get started. Ask your employer to sign you up.

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The app will guide you to the reserved location and will give you access. It does not get any easier.


A variety of work places are available. Exactly what you need, when you need it.