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How does it work?

You can join The New Worker by convincing your top employer to join us too. Once you're in, you can download the app, make a reservation for the work space you need at that time, and come in. It is that easy. Need help in convincing your employer? Please call us, or send an email. Your employer will like the benefits too.

what does it cost me?

The New Worker is convinced that working with purpose is one of the best extra benefits an employer can offer. Your top employer wants to facilitate you to get the best out of you. Everyone benefits. Your top employer will be happy to offer this.

Where can i make a reservation?

The New Worker is currently setting up a pilot with a limited number of top employers and employees. Once we have everything optimized we will open to join. Just keep an eye on the website. Can't wait? Please call us or send an email to discuss the possibilities.

How do i get access?

When you make a reservation through the app, you will automatically receive a secure digital key on your phone for the reserved time slot. You can open the door with your phone. Or check in at the NW terminal at the reception desk and someone will guide you to your work space or meeting room from there.

How do my coworkers get access to a meeting room?

When making a reservation, or afterwards, you can enter the email addresses of your coworkers. You can enter as many email addresses as the room allows people for. They will receive a notification in the app and also their own digital key to get access.

Can i bring a visitor?

Yes, you can. When you reserve a meeting room and want to work with someone who is not a member of The New Worker community you can send your guest an invite through the app by entering your guest's email address. Your guest will receive an email with a link, from this link the secure digital key will be generated and allows access to the meeting room.

What if I don't have an internet connection when i enter?

Don’t worry, when you make a reservation the digital key is already stored on your phone. You can enter as usual. Please do make sure to connect your phone to the Wifi after entering, to let your host know you are there.

How about my privacy?

Business owners like to know who is in their building at any time in case of an incident. A visitor needs to be registered. When you enter the building your name and profile picture are shared through our cloud based access control system. So you can be identified as an authorized visitor. Once you leave, your personal data will be removed. The New Worker access control system is approved according to EU regulations for safety and privacy.