become a HOST

How does it work?

As a top employer you want your employees to have access to the work space they need at any time they need it. You can sign them all up! But, in order for our community to grow, we ask you to offer flexible work spaces and meeting rooms to the other members of our community too and become a host. In this way we create an ecosystem for the new worker.

what's in it for me?

First of all your employees will benefit. A work place that serves their needs, whether it is to meet, focus or inspire, will increase their productivity. A new environment inspires. Secondly, it affects travel time, which increases efficiency and reduces travel cost.

Real Estate

Corpoworking offers flexibility in your real estate. Temporarily have some empty space in your office? Simply add it to the platform to generate revenue. You can scale up or down anytime.

Please call us or send an email to discuss more.

what does it cost me?

You pay a fixed fee per employee you want to enroll. At the end of the month we divide all the fees over the hosts, depending on the occupancy at the locations. We take a portion to cover our costs and new developments. So if you receive a lot of New Workers, you will get the biggest portion. It does not have to cost anything. With the increasing productivity and efficiency, and lower cost, it will bring you even more value. The average cost per employee is only 25 Euro per month for unlimited access.

What about security?

The New Worker does not only provide a platform, we also take care of the physical access control. We have build a cloud based access control system and can supply any hardware (smart locks, microcontrollers for virtually any automatic doors, speed gates, or even high security portals) required to secure the flexible work space area.

Secure Digital Key

Guests will enter with a secure digital key, which is provided to them upon reservation in the app (via BLE or NFC). Communication goes through the user's mobile phone, so there are no IT changes required on your side. The installation is plug & play. You can also get a smart device, that allows access to your facility staff for cleaning and maintenance purposes.


On the dashboard you can see in real time who has entered your building and when they leave. We take care of it, you will receive the required information. If needed, our API can link the information to your visitor management system. All build according the latest European standards for safety and privacy.

Where can my employees make a reservation?

The New Worker is currently looking for companies to run a pilot with a limited number of top employers and employees. Once we have everything optimized we will open to join. Just keep an eye on the website. Can't wait? Or want to join the pilot? Please call us or send an email to discuss the possibilities.

How are the fees determined?

The fees will be constantly reviewed, based on average usage, and the cost of work spaces and meeting rooms. We are also developing a distribution model that bases the allocation of the fees on the location, date and time, amenities you offer, and popularity/user ratings. So everyone receives a fair share.