What is Corpoworking?

Corpoworking allows employees to access workplaces at other companies. It provides benefits to the employees, as part of an elaborate HR strategy, and to the employers to deploy their real estate in a flexible way by creating an ecosystem of work places.

The New Worker provides the app to reserve workplaces and to give access. We also take care of the required security for employers through our cloud based access control system and secure digital keys. Learn more here.

The benefits of corpoworking:

Employee happiness

The routine of a typical office or the dullness of working from home can be broken by giving employees access to inspiring workplaces anywhere. The motivation of people will increase when they can focus, meet or be inspired where and whenever they want. And when employees are happy, the retention rates will increase.

Increasing Productivity

When the working environment offers you exactly what you need at that moment it takes away any distractions. Being able to work with purpose boosts the productivity. Also, as described above, a happy employee tends to work more effectively and result-oriented.

(Employer) Branding

Offering workplaces to other people than your own employees allows you to promote yourself as a company and what you stand for. This enhances your brand as a top employer. It also contributes to the overall brand awareness for (potential) customers.

Community Support

In the near future our platform will allow you to organize events for other members. These events can bring specialists, or like-minded people, together to discuss specific themes, or help and inspire other people. Knowledge will be shared and members will feel supported in their work.